WE, the MS Food Justice Collaborative


  • Believe in supporting home grown leadership that represents all of our vibrant diversity
  • Believe in the healing power of food as a way to revitalize Mississippi communities in a time of dynamic change
  • Believe food justice is a vehicle for individual and community self-sufficiency
  • Believe working together will have a greater positive impact on food and social justice
  • Believe that all Mississippians have the right to know how to grow and prepare fresh food
  • Believe in passing the food cultural baton in order to keep food traditions alive
  • Believe that healthy fresh food is a human right and should be affordable and accessible to all
  • Believe in supporting Mississippi farmers through fair pricing for local food production

Our beliefs, values, and principles to transform Mississippi Food Systems were developed collaboratively by the Mississippi Food Justice Collaborative partners, including NCAT Gulf States, the Mississippi Food Policy Council, Mississippi Farm to School Network, Mileston Cooperative, Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Boat People SOS, Hijra House, and FoodCorps Mississippi.